Options allow economical expanded functionality, combining the functions of multiple devices in one unit. Adding options adds processsing versatility without the expense, complexity, space usage, or accumulated processing latency of multiple cards.

Most options are available as software upgrade uploads which can be ordered on new cards or field-installed on existing cards without removing the card from its frame.

- See Options Overview for availability and details regarding an option and applicability to card or device model. See product pages for options supported for the model -

Video Options

+COLORColor Corrector Software Option
+DLYExpanded Frame Sync Delay Option
+KEYERKeyer Software Option
+T-SLATETrouble Slate Import Software Option
+LOGOLogo Insertion Software Option
+SCALERPicture scaler Option

Text-To-Speech / EAS Automation Options

+EASEmergency Alert System Text Crawl Generation Option
+TTSText-To-Speech Option

Quality Check / Signal Integrity Assurance Options

+QCQuality Check Option
+T-SLATETrouble Slate Import Software Option

Audio Options

+LM-PAudio Loudness Meter Software
+DSPDSP-Based Dolby® Encode/Decode, Loudness Processing, and Upmixing Audio Options
+CQSClean and Quiet Switching Software Option

Device Upgrade/Enhancement Options

+FSAdd Frame Sync Software Option
+2FSDual-Channel Software Option
+3G3G Upgrade Software Option
+FRCFrame Rate Conversion Software Option

Ancillary Data Support Options

+LTCAudio LTC Option
+ANCAncillary Data Processing Software Option
+SCTE104SCTE 104 Insertion Software Option
+SCTE104-FASTSCTE 104 Frame-Accurate SCTE Triggering Software Option