LMNTS (Loudness Management for n-Transport Streams) is a first in comprehensive transport-based loudness processing. LMNTS represents a new level in multi-stream loudness processing integration ease, economy, confidence, and consistency. Operating at the MPEG transport layer, LMNTS provides a practical loudness management solution for MVPD operators without the need or complexity of external codecs transferring between baseband and MPEG interfaces.

Using unique depacketing/repacketing processing and decode/re-encode, LMNTS extracts and decodes audio codec packets from the program stream, performs high-quality PCM loudness processing, and then re-encodes and re-packets the audio with its stream. An ASI option provides additional ASI transport stream support. Physically, all data connection to LMNTS is via GigE IP or ASI interfaces using an industry-standard IT hardware platform with no intermediary breakouts.

Because LMNTS uses the same high-quality Linear Acoustic® Aeromax™ loudness processing for each stream, perfect loudness consistency is assured for all programming passing through the system. For AC-3 streams, LMNTS can accommodate varying received loudness and dialnorm, and repackage the audio using consistent loudness and consistent re-authored dialnorm for perfect loudness matching for all programming.

LMNTS is fully scalable, with licenses available to progressively add the number of audio programs accommodated.

  • Operates at the MPEG Transport Stream Layer 

  • TS over IP and DVB-ASI Physical Interface Options 

  • Supported Audio Codecs Include AC-3, E-AC-3, MP1L2, and AAC